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Gambogi Raffaello

When he was only 17, Gambogi received a grant from Livorno that allowed him to go to Florence in 1892, where he attended both the Academy of Fine Arts and Giovanni Fattori’s School for Drawing Nudes. In the same year, two of his pieces were accepted by the Fine Arts Society. He met Finnish artist, Elin Danielson, in the summer of 1896 […]

Gelati Lorenzo

At the start of his studies, Gelati was especially interested in literature. Subsequently supported by the teachings of Carlo Markò, he became attracted to painting; he focused primarily on plein-air landscape painting. His views of the Valdarno region, the Sienese countryside, and the Versilian coastline come from this period […]

Ghiglia Oscar

Oscar Ghiglia was born in Leghorn in 1876. Following his father’s death, he spent his adolescence working part time for a low wage. From the end of the 90’s he studied at the ateliers of Manaresi and Guglielmo Micheli where he made lasting friendships with Llewelyn Lloyd, Anthony De Witt and Modigliani. […]

Ghiglia Paulo

Paulo Ghiglia was born in Florence in 1905, the son of the artist Oscar Ghiglia and brother of Valentino who was also an artist. It was because of his family that he began to be recognised as an artist with a painting that his mother sent to the Quadriennale di Roma, without his knowledge. He was immediately drawn to portrait painting […]

Ghiglia Valentino

The older son of Oscar Ghiglia, Valentino taught himself to paint at home along with his brother Paulo, despite their father’s opposition to his sons taking up the profession of painting. So great was the two brothers’ love of the art, however, that the father decided to introduce them to painting. He said to them […]

Gigante Giacinto

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Gioli Francesco

Born into a well-off family, he studied at the Accademia di Pisa with Annibale Mariani. Later he enrolled on Antonio Ciseri and Enrico Pollastrini’s courses in Florence. His early career was devoted to history and genre painting; at Florence he presented “Carlo Emanuele di Savoia che scaccia l’ambasciatore spagnolo […]

Gioli Luigi

Francesco’s younger brother, for a long time considered as being mediocre by comparison, is today acknowledged as being a cultured and coherent artist, even though he came to art rather late in life after studying law. He had no formal art training. He lived with his brother and was influenced by him […]

Gordigiani Edoardo

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Hollaender Alfonso

Hollaender studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin; in 1868 he exhibited his first works there. He moved to Florence in 1870 and became an Italian citizen in 1872. His was a great love for Italy. Having arrived in our country after the Caffè Michelangelo had already closed, he still managed to surround himself with the echoes […]