Hollaender studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin; in 1868 he exhibited his first works there. He moved to Florence in 1870 and became an Italian citizen in 1872. His was a great love for Italy. Having arrived in our country after the Caffè Michelangelo had already closed, he still managed to surround himself with the echoes of the Macchiaioli school. He preferred to live in seclusion and mostly painted to please himself.

A hard worker and a tireless walker, he was always on the lookout for ideas worthy of his attention. He constantly participated in the Florentine Promotrici show for new talent, where he presented portraits, landscapes, seascapes, and above all, church interiors. He was fascinated by liturgy and all that revolved around it the illuminated altars, the confessional and the penitents and he was always searching for the simplicity and spontaneity of daily life.

Written by : Cecilia Iacopetti – Translated by: Paola Ludovici and Nanette Cooper

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