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Celestini Celestino

Celestino Celestini was born in Città di Castello in 1882. He studied art at Giovanni Fattori’s school – specialism of the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze – and he was also his teacher. He became particularly interested in engraving and watercolour so that, in view of his talent, he was appointed professor at the Florentine Scuola di Incisione […]

Chaplin Elisabeth

Elisabeth was the niece of French painter Charles Chaplin. In 1900 her family moved to Italy, because of her father’s job, first to Piemonte and afterwards to the Italian Riviera. It was there, in Lagueglia, that Elisabeth started to teach herself to paint, with no formal training and only the advice of Albert Besnard. […]

Checchi Arturo

Arturo Checchi was born in Fucecchio in 1886. From a very early age he showed a talent for drawing and began to appreciate and love the Renaissance masters that Torello Bandinelli, his teacher at the technical college of his town of birth, encouraging him along the pathway of art, made known to him by showing him 19th century photographs […]

Chini Galileo

After he finished elementary school, Galileo Chini attended art school. When his father died, Chini began an apprenticeship with an uncle who was a restorer, at the same time enrolling in the Free School for Drawing Nudes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1890. There he had the opportunity to get to know Plinio Nomellini […]

Claudus Rodolfo

Coming soon … … […]

Colacicchi Giovanni

Born into a traditional catholic family, Giovanni Colacicchi began his studies in the seminary. At the end of the first World War, he moved to Florence, where he studied the first Renaissance painting, devoting himself at the same time to poetry. Around 1919, he began to take an interest in the landscape painting, which was a favourite subject […]

Corcos Vittorio Matteo

Born in Leghorn on 4 October 1859, in the 1870’s Corcos studied at the “Accademia delle Belle Arti di Firenze” under Enrico Pollastrini. Between 1878 and 1879 he was in Naples at Domenico Morelli’s studio whose work, rich in literary associations and formal ideas made a great impression on him. A work that illustrates Morelli’s influence […]

Crema Giovanni Battista

Giovanni Battista Crema was born in Ferrara in 1883 into a well-off family of solicitors. In order that the boy could follow in the footsteps of his family he was steered towards the study of Classics, however his father soon noticed the boy’s love of painting and when he was fourteen he sent him for drawing lessons from the master Angelo Longanesi […]

Dall’Oca Bianca Angelo

Angelo Dall’Oca Bianca was born in 1858 in Verona to a family from a humble background. In his biography written in 1897, Angelo describes his childhood until the age of fifteen as being spent in the streets of Verona and not at school. Then, because of the early death of his father he started work doing several short-term contract jobs […]

Daniele Arturo

Born in Lucca in 1878, after studying at the Liceo, Daniele decided to become a chemist but changed his mind a few years later. Some of his early works signed “A. Speziale” are from this period. Daniele’s career covered more than forty years. A self-taught artist, his education was based on the study of artists such as Domenico Morelli […]