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Bianco Pieretto (Pietro Bortoluzzi)

Coming soon … … […]

Bucci Anselmo

Anselmo Bucci was born in 1887 in Fossombrone in the district of Pesaro. Even though he studied Classics, right from a tender age he showed a talent for drawing and, when his parents moved near to Florence, he was taught by the artist Francesco Salvini. In 1904 the family settled in Monza and so the boy […]

Cabianca Vincenzo

Of humble origins, Vincenzo Cabianca was born in Verona, where he first studied at the seminary and from 1842 at the Accademia di Belle Arti under Giovanni Caliari. In 1846 he went to the Accademia of Venice where he attended without great conviction Clementini’s lessons. The lagoon town didn’t leave visible traces in his painting […]

Campriani Alceste

Alceste Campriani was born in Terni in 1848. He moved to Naples with his family and from 1862 to 1869 studied at the Regio Istituto di Belle Arti where he got to know Giuseppe De Nittis. During this period in Naples he distinguished himself in the 1869 test with his “Capodimonte”, later his work came stylistically closer to the Resina School […]

Cannicci Niccolò

Niccolò was first introduced to painting by his father, painter Gaetano Cannicci. From 1862 to 1865 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, under Pollastrini, occasionally attending Antonio Ciseri’s nude drawing classes. After 1868, he went to live at his father’s house in S. Gimignano due to health problems. […]

Cappiello Leonetto

Leonetto Cappiello was born in Leghorn in 1875. Right from his youth he was a self-taught artist, his earliest known works dating to 1889, his early drawings, presented at the Promotrice di Firenze of 1891 unfortunately are lost. In the same year Diego Martelli introduced the young Cappiello to the group of Leghorn artists […]

Caprini Eugenio

Eugenio Caprini was born in Leghorn in 1875. He was a self-taught artist and when he was mature, like the other artists living in his town, he joined the Leghorn group, taking an active role in the Caffè Bardi meetings. Together with Gino Romito and Vinzio his work is similar to Divisionist art in style. […]

Carlini Spartaco

Spartaco Carlini was born in Pisa in 1884. Although he studied at a Technical College he showed an early natural talent for drawing so he studied at Guglielmo Amedeo Lori’s atelier at the same time. In 1902 he enrolled at the Istituto Statale d’Arte Passaglia di Lucca where he got to know Moses Levy and Lorenzo Viani […]

Cavaglieri Mario

Mario Cavaglieri was born in 1887 in Rovigo. He was born into a Jewish family whose native town was Venice. When he was nine the entire family moved to Padova and Cavaglieri was made to study Classics even though he showed a love of drawing and painting that led to him having private lessons. In 1906 he enrolled at the Faculty of Law […]

Cecconi Eugenio

Born in Leghorn into a well-off family, after having spent his childhood in Piedmont, he followed his father’s will and took a degree in law at the Pisa University. While he was articled to a lawyer in Florence, he followed Pollastrini’s lessons at the Accademia. The sudden death of his father in 1865 permitted him to abandon the legal profession […]