Written valuations deliver the value of the works of art, the provenance and their condition. These valuations are necessary in case of partition of assets, in separations or divorce, of bankruptcy, of general controversy, of insurance cover (in order to protect your works from damage or theft), in donations and in any case for exportation or importation of the work.

The survey is also opportune if one is curious about the history of a work of art present in one’s family from generations. We valuate entire collections or single works for private clients, collectors, professionals, firms and institutions.

All our valuations require a physical and instrumental exam of the works to be analysed, and they will be returned with a complete description of the works of art.

Commissions are not based on a percentage of the value of the work, but are established on the number of works.


After having taken vision, photographed, inventoried and valuated the estate that should be allocated, we proceed with the partition in lots (equal to the number of the heirs) allocating to each quota analogous goods for artistic quality and economical value.


Verbal and not certified valuations are for free, if these are a modest number of works, of course. These valuations are necessary to have an opinion about the authenticity of the works (paintings, sculptures, graphic works, multiple works, etc.) but also in order to know the precise market value in the prospect of a future sale.

It must be understood that to make a conclusive judgement the works must be always be appraised with the object in question, if you cannot take us the work you can always contact us at:

• e-mail at the address:
• fill in the form on the right of this page

and send HD images of your works (front, back and a detail of the signature and the date, if present) telling us as much as you can about the technique and the measures. We will answer ASAP.

For entire collections, the valuation, even in the verbal version, is not free.


Like the assessments, even in research our task is to find information regarding the works through instruments which are not commonly available to clients. Starting from a team approach, the research procedure begins with the appraisal of the physical characteristics of the work under discussion, and determining the historical period, the author, the technique and the state of preservation. Once examined all these characteristics, we proceed with the examination in our data banks, in fact we have at our disposal a collection of art books that we have taken care of for over fifty years and which is constantly updated, which consists of catalogues of the major national and international auction houses, of the most trustworthy biographic dictionaries, of old magazines, catalogues from public, private and market exhibitions, including the monographies of the most relevant Italian and foreign artists of the 19th and 20th century.

According to our level of interest and the intent of our research, we may probe in depth the biographical information concerning the author (whether slightly or completely unknown), and substantiate, when possible, if the work has been through an auction, or if it has been published during the course of years.


We are in possession of a vast photographical archive of paintings of Italian artists of the 19th and 20th century, with particular attention to Tuscan talents who have worked in Tuscany, even the lesser known ones.

Our archive allows us to undertake iconographic enquiries to detect possible publications, even those dating back in time, in which the works in your possession are quotedor printed.

If you please, we can include gratuitously the pictures of your works in our archive. Our filing can be very useful for future publication regarding the artists, or for the inclusion of your works in monographic, anthological, thematic exhibitions organised by public or private institutions.

How to insert your works in our historical archive:
you can send us the photographs and the technical entries of the works by e-mail at or by post (Studio d’Arte dell’Ottocento, Via Roma 63/67 – 57126, Livorno Italy).

The photos must be of high resolution and supplied with complete technical information (Author, title, technique, backing, measures, signature and date when possible, state of conservation and provenance, if known).


We have at our disposal projects of shows to propose to public and private institutions according to the requirements of the client, both at an artistic and cultural level and also at a financial level we can recommend (and organise) monographic, anthological, or a specified theme of Italian 19th and 20th century artists.

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