Personal data protection code based on the legislative decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003

(published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale of July 29, 2003,

General Series no. 174, Ordinary supplement no. 123/L)

In conformity with and because of the legislative decree 30/06/2003 no. 196, we inform you that:

  1. Your personal data handling, which we already have or will be asked for or will be conveyed to us by others, will be done as enforcement of:
    • duties which are dictated by the law, such as invoicing, recordings, book-keeping entries, tax declarations
    • contractual duties such as supplying and sale relationships, professional orders and relevant alterations and integrations
    • other aims such as inside reporting, management control, market research
  2. The personal data handling will be managed with all suitable methods, e-mail and not, in conformity with the business modes in progress and the ones which will be gradually introduced because of the development of the organizational procedures and of the operating instruments.Your personal data will be, as article 11 of the code prescribes:
    • handled in a lawful and correct way
    • collected and registered for the above mentioned aims and used in further operations of the handling in terms consistent with those aims
    • updated every time this will be necessary or in case you request it
    • relevant, complete and not exceeding the aims of data collection and handling
    • preserved in a condition which will permit your identification for a period not exceeding the necessary one to the aims of the collection and handling
  3. Your personal data can be transmitted to:
    • our advisors
    • our suppliers
    • to the ones who can accede to your data as provided by the Law
    • to the banks and credit institutes in charge of making or receiving payments connected with contractual and commercial relationships
    • to credit insurance companies


  4. The provision of your personal data (i.e. your identification data, taxpayer’s code number, VAT number) is compulsory on the basis of tax provisions in force
  5. In conformity with article 7 of the Code, you can ask confirmation of the existence of your personal data, ask information about the origin of them and about the aims and modes of the handling of them and excercise your rights according to the Law in force.

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