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Walther Firle – The cigar makers

Le sigaraie (The cigar makers), 1900s oil on canvas, cm 100x76 signature in the lower left-hand corner: Walther Firle Available Complete the form to request information about this work. If the work is no longer available, please indicate your preferences, we will contact you soon. Read the Biography of Walther Firle or [...]

Abbati Giuseppe

Son of Vincenzo Abbati, Neapolitan painter of interiors, he moved with his family first to Florence in 1842, then to Venice where he lived from 1846 to 1858. His father was his first teacher, then in 1850 he enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti where he studied under the guidance of Grigoletti and Bagnara. In Venice he met […]

Ambron Emilio

His extraordinary skill of synthesis, representing the essence of reality, is never reduced into an inert academic style of figure drawing but its dynamic force comes from a profound cultural knowledge, derived from the best circles he frequented, that can be traced to the magical atmosphere of the places where he lived and to his unusual education. […]

Bacci Baccio Maria

Baccio Maria Bacci was born in Florence in 1888. He came from a family of artists but nevertheless his parents prevented him from studying art. This may be one of the reasons why he ran away from home when he was seventeen and went to Munich and later Nuremberg. Eight months later he returned to Florence and was advised to enrol at the Academy […]

Balduini Adolfo

Adolfo Balduini was born in Altopascio in 1881. The family emigrated to Buenos Aires, Argentina when he was twelve years old. It was there that the boy spent his youth and began studying art at the Vieja Sciedad Estìmulo de Bellas Artes under his teachers Reinaldo Giudici and Angel della Valle who in their turn had studied in Italy. […]

Balestrieri Lionello

Lionello Balestrieri was born in Cetona in 1872 into a family of humble origins. When his family moved to Rome he enrolled at the Istituto di Belle Arti and then at the same institution at Naples where he was taught by Domenico Morelli and, privately, by Gioacchino Toma.  In 1897 he moved to Paris where he earned his living as an illustrator. […]

Banti Cristiano

A very important figure in the Italian XIX Century painting, Banti received a neoclassical education at the Art Institute of Siena, where he studied under the guidance of Francesco Cenci. In 1848 he won the triennal competition with the painting “Domenico Mecherino figlio di Pacio […]

Bartolena Giovanni

Born in Leghorn into a well-off family, Giovanni Bartolena learned the rudiments of painting from his uncle Cesare, author of battle scenes and portraits. In 1886 he moved to Florence with the intention of continuing his studies under the guidance of Giovanni Fattori, but a busy and expensive social life kept him away from the academic studies. […]

Benvenuti Benvenuto

Born in Leghorn, after having received the first teachings from Lorenzo Cecchi at the Art and Trade school, around 1897 Benvenuti began to get closer to the Macchiaioli circles, taking an interest above all in the Adolfo Tommasi painting. His interest for the pointillism dates back to 1899 and became more specific in 1903 thanks to the essential meeting […]

Bianchi Luigi

Luigi Bianchi was born in Milan in 1827. When he reached adulthood he enrolled with the Faculty of Law however he had to stop studying because he enlisted in the Wars of Independence. After the war he began studying at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera under Francesco Hayez. He travelled extensively all over Italy with the aim […]