Ugo Manaresi was born in Ravenna in 1851. He studied at the Accademia Navale di Livorno (Naval Academy of Leghorn), he was awarded the long course Captain’s diploma and for a few years was also a teacher at the same academy.

His artistic training was mainly as a self-taught artist only studying briefly at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze. It was probably his father, a restorer and copier, who taught him and was his model.

In Leghorn he had an atelier at Antignano. He would set out from there in a small boat and loved to study the views of the port and the coastline as inspiration from real life. His paintings were mainly of boats and sailing boats, storms at sea and shipwrecks. The hallmark of his work is his carefully thought out compositions.

He had the opportunity to exhibit in Florence, Genoa and Milan, many of his works being purchased by the Leghorn collector Corrado Falleni.

He died in Leghorn in 1917

Written by: Cecilia Iacopetti – Translated by: Catherine Biggerstaff

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