Emilio Ambron

(Rome 1905 - Florence 1996)

Ambron Emilio

His extraordinary skill of synthesis, representing the essence of reality, is never reduced into an inert academic style of figure drawing but its dynamic force comes from a profound cultural knowledge, derived from the best circles he frequented, that can be traced to the magical atmosphere of the places where he lived and to his unusual education. His early years were divided between the fairytale ‘Moresque’ style home in the Parioli area where he was born and the mysterious villa that was his father Aldo’s home in Alexandria, Egypt. His father was a construction engineer involved in important projects such as the building of the port of Alexandria. Ambron’s career was helped by his mother Amelia, an artist in her own right. When Elica Balla went to Amelia’s home with her father to have her portrait painted she described her as being an “elegant lady, delicate and graceful, but strong-minded”, with a “different expression from other women”. She took part in the salons in Rome, was a talented artist guided by Antonio Mancini who, together with Innocenti, Coleman, Sartorio, Bistolfi, Canonica, Ierace, Cifariello, Gemito and Michetti, were frequent visitors at the beautiful villa in the Parioli, where the great and tenacious 19th century tradition survived.

Written by: Cristina Panigada

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